Tycho Softworks

Facility Management

On premise VoIP and integrated facility management built around Raspberry Pi’s, Alpine Linux, MQTT, Coventry and Bordeaux.

The goal is to offer messaging first VoIP telephony, media control, hvac, lightening integration, and facility security services all under a uniform interface and control service using SIP Witch, with a PostgreSQL and Mosquitto backend. Bordeaux would be used to power voice activated services, control menus for touch panels, and similar application support, and providing an internet Voice-of-Things.

Secure Collaboration

ZMQ enabled cloud hostable secure services offered thru Calypso secure signaling and Ogygia secure storage.

This offers both backend services and a new secure front end Qt based mobile and desktop application for messaging, calling, screen sharing. and note taking interconnected thru ZMQ for secure signaling and control. Key management is device isolated for e2e security. Other services may be introduced including shared map views, p2p streaming of shared media, and presence by proxy.